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Florence 2015 Classes

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Spring 2015 Classes

Proposed Class Offerings

* Students must enroll in the Italian Life, Culture and Language course offered by the campus that processes their program application.

CONTRA COSTA COLLEGE DISTRICT - Faculty: Mary Beth Hartshorn of Diablo Valley College

PSYC 160 - Psychology of Women
PSYC 220 - Psychology of Personality: Personal, Social, Cultural Differences
PSYC 225 - Social Psychology
INDIS 350* - Italian Life, Language and Culture

LOS RIOS COLLEGE DISTRICT - Faculty: Patrice Gibson of American River College

ANTH 310 - Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 320 - Introduction to Archeology and World Prehistory
ANTH 331 - The Anthropology of Religion
SOCSC 162* - Italian Life, Language and Culture

SAN MATEO COLLEGE DISTRICT - Faculty: Daniel Keller of College of San Mateo

ENGL 110 - Composition, Literature and Critical Thinking
ENGL 161 - Creative Writing
LIT 220 - Introduction to World Literature
SOSC 383* - Italian Life, Language and Culture .0


HIST 4.1 - History of Western Civilization to 1648 C.E.
HIST 17.2 - United States History from 1877
HIST 21 - Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Culture
INTDIS 90* - Italian Life, Language and Culture