Doyle Library Virtual Tour | Part 1

This tour introduces you to the services and materials the library offers and where to find them. Use the navigation carousel below the main picture to proceed through the tour.

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  • Doyle Library is located across from Pioneer Hall, between Elliott Avenue and Analy Hall. The library offers access to books, periodicals, CDs and, in Media Services, audio and video recordings. When classes are in session the library is generally open daily except Sundays. See Library Hours for the current schedule.

  • In the center of each floor of Doyle Library is a circular area with red walls, called a Rotunda. In the center of the Rotunda on each floor is a map of that floor. The Rotunda is the starting place on each floor of the tour, and points of interest on each floor are organized generally in a clockwise (left to right) direction around the floor. Study the floor map at the beginning of each floor of the tour to get a general understanding of how the library is arranged.

  • The elevators and restrooms are on the left in the entrance hallway, and are in the same location on all floors. Stairs are just past the elevator hallway, adjacent to the Rotunda.

  • There are more than 200 computer workstations throughout Doyle Library. The library computers offer access to the tools needed to locate materials in the library collection and on the Internet. Library computers also provide access to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • From the library's home page at, search for books, e-books, and information in databases, access subject and class library guides, get research support assistance, chat with a librarian, and gain a quick overview of new materials and current events happening in the SRJC libraries.

  • Use Smart Search to search the book collection and library databases all at once. This is a Google-like search engine designed to help you find everything the library has on your topic of interest.

  • The library catalog is a quick way to look for books, CDs, and DVDs available in both Doyle Library and Petaluma's Mahoney Library. There is a weekday delivery service for books requested from the Petaluma Campus, with pickup at the Doyle Circulation Desk.

  • Each floor has its own Print & Copy Center where you print out items sent from library computer workstations. If you need help using the equipment in a Print & Copy Center, on the second floor go to the Periodicals Desk. For help with printers on the third and fourth floors, go to the Reserve Desk, on the fourth floor.

  • Each Print & Copy Center has a black and white printer, a color printer, and office supplies such as a stapler and paper cutter. You need a print card for the print stations, but the libraries are transitioning to a new system that will allow you to pay by credit card. Watch for more details as the new system is introduced in Fall 2013. Cash may be used for photocopies.

  • The library has 27 group study rooms that accommodate from 4 to 12 students each. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to groups of two or more students. Some group study rooms on the second and fourth floors have whiteboards in them. Erasable markers and erasers are available at the Periodicals and Reserve desks.

  • There are study tables available on all floors. Some are equipped with outlets and task lighting. The features you've just seen are available on all three floors of the Library!

    Click here to proceed to Part 2 of the tour, where you will see floors two and three of the library.


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