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Health Insurance Information

Will I Qualify for Free or Low-cost Health Insurance?

Under the new Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, many students in California will qualify for Medi-Cal which is a free health insurance plan. Other students may qualify for a "subsidized" plan, where the federal government pays almost all the insurance premium. And students under age 26 years old may stay on their parents' plan, if they have one. There are many new ways for people to get free or very low-cost coverage. For information about the Affordable Care Act and how it might affect you, please go to or For additional information, please attend one of our Affordable Care Act Enrollment Clinics. Check out the following link for more information about enrollment clinics on campus

Student & Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Insurance Plan

Student accident insurance is provided by Santa Rosa Junior College to registered students in the event of an accident or injury during college sponsored and supervised activities. It may help to cover medical bills incurred by injured students and athletes. There are benefit limitations and some exclusions in the policy, so it is important to work with the Student Health Services staff to insure optimum coverage. Students enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College, and children using the officially designated childcare facility on campus, are covered by the student accident insurance plan. If you are injured on campus:

Please Note:

  1. This policy is secondary to any other insurance you may have. Benefits under your primary plan must be exhausted before this program applies.
  2. Medical expense statements must be submitted within 90 days of treatment under this plan to qualify for reimbursement, so don't delay! For questions or additional information, contact Juanita Dreiling through e-mail at


For additional information or questions, please contact Susan Quinn at

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